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Laptop DOA, HD data retrieval

No signs of life. Laptop will not power up. Checked electrical outlet. Green light on power cord/adapter is on so it appears to be receiving power.

I need the data from the hard drive. I don't really care about the laptop itself (i.e. cheap, older model Dell)

  • Should I give it to a local company for repair?
  • Is it worth the $$$?

I'd rather spend the $$$ on a new laptop rather than trying to repair this old one.

  • Can I remove the hard drive and transfer the data to an external drive myself?
  • How difficult is it?
  • What sort of tools and hardware (i.e., hard drive reader?) would I need to buy?
  • If I give the computer to a local company to transfer the data. How much should I expect to pay?

My wife is freaking out but I'm trying to stay calm. Thanks for your help!

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RE: Laptop DOA, HD data retrieval

If the hard drive is not password-protected, it's a $10-15 USB drive case you'll need.  Depending on the system model, removing the hard drive ranges from trivially easy (MOST Dells) to fiendishly difficult (the Inspiron N5110). 

Once the drive is in the external case, attach it to a working system by USB and copy your data files over (that will require taking ownership of the files;  how you do this depends on the version of Windows you have).

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