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Latitude E6530 with e-Port Plus - No DVI Signal

I have a new Latitude E Series, Win 7 Pro, x64, with an e-Port Plus port replicator, and an older ViewSonic VG2030wm monitor.  My previous Dell Latitude setup performed fine with a DVI cable, but I cannot seem to get a DVI signal out of the new system.  I've resorted to a VGA cable, but I seem to now have either a bad VGA cable or VGA connector on the monitor.  I get a flickering screen on occasion, turning to a blue/green background.  I can wiggle the cable where it goes into the monitor and the picture will correct to normal.

I would prefer to use the DVI cable.  Any troubleshooting tips on the DVI signal from the e-Port?

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Re: Latitude E6530 with e-Port Plus - No DVI Signal

Please forgive me if you have tried out these basic steps but they may be of some help.  

  1. First thing make sure that nothing is connected to the APR (advanced port replica). 
  2. Have the APR placed in a convenient spot where you wish to have your monitor.  Plug in the power cable to the APR.
  3. Connect a DVI cable to the APR and the display.  Plug in the display’s power cable and turn on the display.
  4. With the notebook turned off dock it to the APR and then power on the notebook.  
  5. If no display try pressing FN and F1 and see if that helps.
  6. If there is still no image on the external monitor, right click on the desktop and choose screen resolution.  You can also press the Windows Key with the X key to bring up Windows Mobility Center and then press X again.  
  7. In the screen resolution window is it showing that the external display is detected?  If so select it and then check the box “Make this my main display”   

If none of this helps or you have already tried it before, I suggest testing with another DVI cable, or if possible with a different monitor or even notebook.  Try to determine if the problem follows the external monitor, the DVI cable, APR or notebook.  

Please let me know what you find out.





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