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Latitude Re-Image Guide A19 errors...

Hey guys.  I dunno if anyone else here uses it, but when I'm re-imaging Dell Latitude laptops, I follow your Dell Business Client Re-Image "How-To" Guide religiously.  It has helped me set up systems that, using my own experience and intuition, would have strange bugs and things like that happening - so thank you for that.

Nonetheless, I couldn't help but notice some strange errors, at least in the section of the guide that I use frequently.  On page 9:

  1. The bullet point right after "Audio - Enables and enhances the audio controller" contains no information, and...
  2. The bullet point (and sub-bullet points) right after "Intel Storage controller" contain no information.  That's weird.  You guys should fix that, it's unprofessional.

I'll post more as I find them.  Thanks for the guide!  You guys rock.

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