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Mini 9 DVD drive wont work with Ubuntu

I have a new Mini 9 with Ubuntu and the DVD drive that came with it.

Ubuntu does not recognize the drive. The light flashes and I can open and close the tray but OS does not see it. I plugged the drive into my desktop with  XP and it came right up, so the drive works. I talked with the great Dell tech in India and he told me that the Mini 9 will not support the USB drive, does not have enough power.

I asked why Dell sold it to me if it wont work and he had no answer. The on-line tech told me that they do not support Ubuntu. How about that?

I am hoping that someone here  can resolve my problem or steer me to someone who can.

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Re: Mini 9 DVD drive wont work with Ubuntu

I had the same problem being unable to install my DVD drive due to the USB port being underpowered. Do you have a mouse plugged into another USB port while trying to install the drive? The way I solved this problem was to unplug the mouse and then trying to install the DVD drive and it worked! Apparently, without the mouse being plugged in, the drive had enough power to install. After it was installed, I had no problem using the drive and the mouse at the same time. In my case, due to the original faulty install, I went to device manager which had the USB drive shown with a yellow exclamation point and uninstalled the drive before trying it again. I'm not sure if that extra step was needed or not, but everything now works!!

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