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My Wireless Connection Keeps Dropping

My computer keeps dropping the wireless connection and then it cannot find the wireless network. I have to reboot the computer. It has happened at least ten times in the last 14 hours. Any suggestions? I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop.

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Re: My Wireless Connection Keeps Dropping


Sorry to hear that you are having the troubles staying connected wirelessly.  The following link to our wireless network troubleshooting page may prove to be usefull.


I am assuming that you are using Windows 7 at the moment.   The following link details troubles with wireless networks. It will likely prove to be of the most help for you as it gives step by step instructions to determine why you arent able to connect.



Please let me know if this helps.




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Re: My Wireless Connection Keeps Dropping

Hi TB,

I have a similar kind of issue with my Dell Ispiron. I can see the WIFI connect and its getting connected to the network. When I open the IE, it stays "page cannot be dispayed. After i reboot my machine, it works for a while and then the connection alert comes up. Please help to resolve this issue.

Steps taken from my end :

1. Completely restored my machine to the factory settings.

2. Uninstalled and installed the WIFI driver.

Both the able steps just gave me a temporary solution.

Please provide a resolution for the same.




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