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My dell latitude e6230 is not booting

Hi there,

My dell latitude e6230 is not booting. The power and CAP button light up and they go off 14 seconds after pressing power button. The screen is completely blank and I cannot hear any response from CPU fan and internal mechanical hard drive. Would be good if someone here can help to advise the status of my laptop. Thank you very much!!!


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RE: My dell latitude e6230 is not booting

Basic troubleshooting:  disconnect all external devices, unplug the system and remove or disconnect the main battery.  Hold the power button for 30 seconds, remove the base cover and remove and reinstall both memory modules.  Try powering up on AC only (no battery).  If it will, but won't with the battery connected, replace the battery with a new one.  If it still won't boot up, replace the mainboard.

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