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N4010 CPU upgrade

My N4010 has new Intel Pentium P6100 processor. Can i update processor to Intel Core i5? and what is the best Core i5 processor N4010 supports?

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I wouldn't bet money on it, no -- even if the CPU works, you're putting an awfully power-hungry CPU in a very small system that may not handle the heat generated very well.


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i think some laptops with HM57 chipset supports upto first generation Core i7 cpus. if so N4010 supports i7 processor?


anyway i just wanna know whether N4010 supports Core i5 quad core processors or not?

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You can, if you're willing to pay the price (they're expensive) and lose your warranty.

Bear in mind that this system uses the older HM57 chipset  and socket G-- not the second-generation Core i HM67 and Socket G2 -- so while you can use the first-generation i5s, you CANNOT use the new Sandy Bridge second-generation i5 CPUs.


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