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Network Protocols Are Missing

Greetings, all!  Just bought a new XPS13 9350 laptop this week.  First thing I updated Windows 10 and all drivers (Wish there was a utility like the Intel one to tell you which Dell drivers NEED to be updated...).  All seemed to be fine and have solid connection on home network.  Then last night went to a Panera and had a nightmare trying to connect there.  Had their Wifi tech support onlne almost an hour and never succeeded.  It connected to their network but never got internet connection.  Used the Windows troubleshooting for internet connections and got a message, "One or more network protocols are missing on this computer" and it could not fix the issue.  Haven't found anything online of help.  Need to get this resolved or might as well return the unit.  Whole purpose is to be able to have a Windows unit that is powerful and portabl - right now this one is useless if I can't connect on public wifi systems.  BTW, when I got back home, no problem connecting again to my home system.

Any ideas?  I'm normally pretty good at troubleshooting issues like this, but I don't know where to start on this one, since everything "appears" to be working properly.


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