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Non-dell battery in BIOS - battery not recognized


I'm.. experiencing the following problem.. 

DELL Inspiron 3537 . Battery not recognized 

When loading: "WARNING: The battery cannot be identified.. strike F1 to continue.. F2 for setup...[...]" 

In BIOS it says NON-DELL battery. Updated the BIOS to the last version available. Same issue. 

In windows, on the right bottom side there is "Battery fully charged" - on plugged in mode obviously - if unplug its shuting down directly. 

On Device Manager -> Batteries - I have both Microsoft ACI adapter and Microsoft ACPI- Compliant Control Method Battery, updated and enabled.  (disabled and re enabled - issue still present)

The led of battery is constantly going RED -WHITE - RED - WHiTE..

It all comes all of a sudden..after an windows update actually. Tried different versions of Windows, issue still present.

Waiting for an answer,

Thanks and regards,

Narcis Vasilache

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RE: Non-dell battery in BIOS - battery not recognized

Is it a Dell battery?

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RE: Non-dell battery in BIOS - battery not recognized

Thank you for your message.  

Are you using the original battery shipped with the system?

Disconnect the power cord & remove the battery, press & hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This will help in removing the static & reseating the battery.

Please check for the PPID (Starts with CN/KR). Click on my Dell username & send a private message with the PPID, service tag, registered name & email address.

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