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Problem booting my OS.

Hello, i was trying to install Ubuntu, on my Inspiron 15 3537 and was a disaster, and when i try to restore the system the boot partition says this

And when i try to use the restore disk the system give me this message:

My question is what i can do to restore my system because i don't want to use Linux, and i want to go back to my Windows 8, i don't care if i have to delete all the files(Factory restore).

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RE: Problem booting my OS.

Hopefully you made a set of recovery DVDs (or flash drive) to recover the system, because you will now need it.

If you did, insert the first DVD or connect the flash drive, press F12 at power up and boot from it - follow the restore instructions.

If you didn't prepare the recovery media, you will need to contact Dell for a set.


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RE: Problem booting my OS.

I bougth the laptp on amazon, and everytime that i put my Tag on this page:


Tell me that the pc is registered and if i want i can make a ownership transfer, what is that and how i can get the recovery set?