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Questions about Dell Inspiron 15-3567

I am talking about this model

Processor - 7th Gen Intel Core i5 7200U
Processor Clock Speed - 2.40-3.10GHz
Display Size - 15.6"
RAM Type - DDR4(2400 Mhz)
Operating System - FreeDos

Dell Inspiron 15-3567

Q-1: What is the part number of this laptop?

Q-2: Does the display, battery and keyboard are available to buy from amazon?

Q-3: What is battery part number of this laptop?

Q-4: Does this laptop have Anti-glare display?

Q-5: If i replace the HDD with SSD will it cause processor overheating?

Q-6: What is the maximum battery backup time of this laptop?

Q-7: Does component upgradation(such as HDD to SSD) void warrenty?

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RE: Questions about Dell Inspiron 15-3567

1.  Inspiron 3567

2.  You'll need to check;  it's a new model so parts are likely only available for Dell (at least for a while).

3.  See #2 and here


4.  yes.

5.  It should not, no.

6.  It's a cheap budget notebook - maybe 2-2.5 hours with maximum power management enabled.

7.  No, but the parts/installation won't be covered by warranty unless purchased from Dell.

Be sure you know what this is - it's a cheap, throwaway budget notebook - it's neither built for performance, battery life -- or for the long haul.  It's built to be a cheap, home use, throwaway after warranty system.

If that's not what you're looking for, buy a higher line model -- you won't be happy with the design compromises needed to keep the price as low as it is for this model.  You're not going to find a high performance battery, metal hinges, etc. in a system at this price level.

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