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RAS Async Adapter Problem that I just cannot seem to solve

I have a Dell latitude D820 Laptop.

Worked fine for the last 3 years.

I connect to the internet using a broadband modem from 3.

Last week I downloaded and installed AVG anti-virus, but after that the modem did not work any more.

So I uninstalled AVG, got a blue screen, restored to last good settings, but still no internet.

I checked the Microsoft forum, which pointed me to hardware device manager, and there were 4 yellow circles.

So I upgraded the drivers for these, and eventually fixed three, including WI-Fi, which had gone missing.

But  I just cannot seem to fix the RAS Async adapter, and I've tried everything.

It wont uninstall, wont update, disables but makes no difference, etc

And I suspect that the broadband modem will not connect until this is resolved.

Help!!!!!!! (I am using my daughters computer to try to solve this as I cannot log onto the internet)



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