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Reg:Replacement of my LCD panel

I am owning one dell inspiron 7537 laptop. I had a problem with my laptop LCD(dead pixel) and it got replaced with some refurbished panel just before 2 months. after one month of replacement the screen started to show some problem (flickering / freezing) again I raised service request, this time I asked them to replace a my own lcd panel after serviced. as per the technical support they are ready to replace the part with another refurbished one. they can't replace it my original panel or new one (which I didn't ask) reasons they are saying is like my laptop is old so Dell policy not supports to replace a New Panel to it. OK no problem what I am asking is to get me the original part of my laptop after serviced. There will be no age problem / or dell policy issue. Because I know how much I cared my laptop. And I don’t want someone’s unknown parts that too after refurbished state. Get my laptop’s own part after serviced. Because as you see after fixing a refurbished part, it is not even passed at least a 6 month (most common warranty period) then how much I can blindly trust it again. This is my personal laptop. So I don’t plan to spend another big amount just after the warranty period expires.I have 14 more months remaining my warranty with Accidental cover insurance. 


Location: Coimbatore, India

Laptop Model: Inspiron 7537

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RE: Reg:Replacement of my LCD panel (Ref -Service Request Number: 934959651 <<#3285990-16599882#>>)

Hello!  First off you will want to remove your Serial number and SRN due to privacy reasons.  Second, it sounds like you want your original panel put back in your laptop?  If that is the case the original panel is long gone and you will have to accept another refurbished panel.  All parts that are used in warranty repairs are generally refurbished per policy.  Regardless you might want to post in the Customer Care Forum here.  They should be able to get you to an Indian support specialist as this is a USA based Forum. 

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