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Still working on my monitor problem!

Still trying to figure out whats wrong with my new laptop..long story short have a laptop Studio 1737...when plugged in and set up everything on the screen was very sharp and had great resolution but very small...called tech they re-installed video drivers etc but to no avail...i looked at all the settings for appearence ect...seems that I can change the resolution ect in the Catalst control center...went into Displays manger...states the following - Default LCD (sinle) Desktop Area - 1440 x 900 Color Quality - High (32 bit) Refresh Rate - 60Hz...it seems the issue might be with the 1440 x 900...my screen may be 1920 x 1200 by default..it seems with this setting the resolution and sharpness is perfect but again..everything is reduced so small it is hardly readable! when i run the laptop at 14400 x 900..perfect size but there is a blur to everything and images not as sharp as 1920 x 1200 !!!!!  I have another laptop which seems to be an older Studio Model it is a 1735 instead of the laptop i am having problems with which is a 1737...1735 has same settings as my new 1737..have put both side by side for a comparrison and 1735 the original laptop looks far better!!!! Also as a side note when ever I visit websites such as Facebook etc..the text on these sites is differnt when I visit these sites on the new 1737 as opposeed to visiting these sites on my original 1735...am very frustrated with this problem...am sure it is a quick fix and have just missed something!!!   Any feedback would be appreciated!! Keep in mind I have tried everything involving size and appearence in the control panel etc..!!

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