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Studio 1747:dual-boot (multi-boot) windows XP and Windows 7

How to Install Microsoft Windows XP on a Dell Studio 1747,

turning it into a dual-boot (multi-boot) Windows 7 and Windows XP computer


Disclaimer: I am a not a computer guy. I learned how to do the following by searching all over the internet, some of which is no longer available online. The following instructions worked for my Dell Studio 1747. I install Windows XP Professional 32-bit.  I did NOT have to unistall Windows 7. These instructions do not apply to any other configuration.    These instructions are mostly for me just incase I ever have to do this again.


1.         Back up all files you do not want to lose.

2.         Create a new partition (volume) on the hard drive.

                        -Make it minimum space to install Windows XP and whatever over XP programs you eventually want to install.

                        -I made mine 20 Gb in size. I think you need a minimun of 10 Gb to be safe.  But keep in mind to make it big enough for all the software you will use on it, i.e. adobe, microsoft office, roxio,  etc.


                        -How to create a new partition:  see windows 7 help on your studio 1747.


1.     Open the Control Panel (All Items view), and click on the Administrative

Tools icon. then close the Control Panel window.

2.     Click on Computer Management in Administrative Tools, then close the

Administrative Tools window.

                                    3.  In the left pane under Storage, click on Disk Management.

4.  In the middle pane, right click on the partition that you want to shrink and   

click on Shrink Volume.
5.  Type in how many MB (1 GB = 1024 MB) of the available shrink space  

    shown that you want to shrink the partition or volume by to be used for the

    new unallocated space, then click on the Shrink button.
6. The selected partition (step 4) has now been shrunk to create a new empty unallocated space. You can use this new unallocated space to create a new partition with.



3.         Download a bunch of files you will need in this process and burn them to a disc for future use in this process.

                        - nLite http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/3/2932331//nLite.zip


- ATI Catalyst 9.4 http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/3/2932331//ATI Catalyst 9.4, Radeon 4650.zip


                        -MSXML 6.0  http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/3/2932331//MSXML 6.zip


                        -Mobility Modder  http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/3/2932331//Mobility Modder.zip


- .Net Framework 2.0 32 bit  http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/3/2932331//Net Framework 2 32 bit.zip


                        - EasyBCD  http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/3/2932331//EasyBCD.zip


- Intel chipset utility update and Intel XP driver  http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/3/2932331//Intel.zip



                        - Wireless XP driver (R242906 from dell)



                        - XP Audio drivers http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/3/2932331//XP Audio drivers.zip


                        -have your windows 7 resource cd handy too


4.         nLite

                        -install it

                        -then open nLite and put in your windows XP installation disc

                        (the purpose of nLite is to make a new XP installation disc, in a way to avoid the blue

screen of death)

                        -add the "Intel XP driver" to the part where you can add drivers (this is absolutely

                        necessary, otherwise you will get the BSOD-blue screen of death)

                        -make any other modification you want or add any other additional drivers you want 

(I only added the Intel XP driver)

                        -make an ISO file, then burn it to a disc (This disc is now your new windows XP

                        installation disc)


5.         Install Windows XP (with your new disc made with nLite)

                        -put in the the new xp installation disc you just made with nLite

                        -install it to the partition (volume) you want it on

                        -finish the xp installation process  (30 min +)


6.         Install Intel chipeset utilitiy update.

                        -this will fix most of the (!)driver issues (see device manager: start, right click on

                        computer, select properties, select hardware, click on device manager)


7.         Install .Net Framework 2.0, 32-bit


8.         Install EasyBCD  (This makes it so at start up you have the option to choose

windows 7 or windows XP)

                        -follow instructions (please note:  some of the new EasyBCD tab names are a little

                        different than noted below)


                        1. In EasyBCD, click on Add/Remove Entries

2. In the bottom right section under Add and Entry, type Microsoft Windows XP (name displayed in Windows Boot Manager) for the Name.
NOTE: You can type whatever name you would like to have displayed in the Windows Boot Manager for XP though.

A) If you have a 100mb System Reserved partition with Windows 7, then right click it in Disk Management and give it a drive letter ( S is a good choice). Then select the letter you assigned (ex: S ) in the EasyBCD Drive drop down menu.


B) If you don't have a 100mb System Reserved partition with Windows 7, then select the drive letter (ex: C: ) that Windows 7 is installed on from the Drive drop down menu in EasyBCD.

3. To the right of Type, select Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3 from the drop down menu.

4. Click on the Add Entry button.

5. You will now notice that this has added Microsoft Windows XP to the upper right section. Click on the Save button.

                        6. In EasyBCD, click on Manage Bootloader (left side).


                   7. In the upper right section under Bootloader Installer Options, select

                   (dot) Reinstall the Vista Bootloader, then click on the Write MBR button.

8. Close EasyBCD.

9. Restart the computer to have the option to boot from XP or Windows 7.



9.         Install wireless XP driver


10.        Double click on ATI Catalyst 9.4 file and double click on the red application file

                        -ONLY unload the drivers, do NOT install the software


11.        Install MSXML 6.0, then Install Mobility Modder

                        -In Mobility Modder Browse to


                        -hit modify


12.        Go to device manager

                        -right click on the appropriate device missing display drivers, like “VGA”

                        And while updating the driver point it to

C:\ATI\Support\9-4_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu\Driver\Driver\XP_INF, and then update



13.        Open XP Audio drivers file, Closely Follow the instructions on the "Read Me First" text file

                        -You should now have sound.



14.        For the secure digital card install the driver that came with your windows 7 resource dvd, the

win7 driver works for XP too.



Now all of the above is from my memory of the events and things I did over the last few days in order to get XP on my Studio 1747.  I now can use either Windows 7 or Windows XP, Best of Both Worlds, one for home and one for work.


In the device manager I still have 2 items missing drivers:

1.     PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller, and

2.     Unknown Device


Furthermore, my buttons on the keyboard to control the volume and to eject dvd’s and cd’s does not work, but I can control the volume with the IDT software, and I can eject dvd’s and cd’s by right clicking on the dvd drive from my computer.  I haven’t figured out how to dim or brighten the display screen yet either.


Everything else has a driver.  I hope someone else can reply to this and give me the info on how to fix these last few items.  This is the most comprehensive info, I have found to date online, to make the Dell Studio 1747 into a dual-boot (muli-boot) windows 7 professional 64-bit and window XP professional 32-bit computer.


Good luck!

And please reply if you have any other good info for these last few glitches.  Thanks.


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RE: Studio 1747:dual-boot (multi-boot) windows XP and Windows 7

I want to add little bit more thing in above article. You can make a simple bootable usb of your desire Windows XP, or Windows 7. It is very simple just download the yumi bootable software first then download Windows 7 from here fileswiper.info/.../

or get Windows XP from here fileswiper.info/.../.

these setups have all drivers of dell laptop and dekstop PC.

after getting the download setup you just need to select your Operating system and browse your setup file by using yumi bootable software.

It will create your bootable USB with in  15 minutes. and you are able to install your operating system using your USB drive..

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