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Terrible Customer Service

I was just hung up on by Dell customer service. He told me my order could not be returned or exchanged and that he would make sure that everyone who looks at this order or tries to do this will not be able to and then he hung up.

I bought 3 Dell Wyse D00D Dual Core Cloud PC with 2 GB RAM. They description for this item was misleading and my IT person told me to buy these based on the description. I had to wait for my IT guy to install and when he finally came out he said they were the wrong ones. Since its been over 30 days Dell will not accept these items back. So now I have $1000 worth of useless equipment from Dell and not enough money to get what I needed.

Then I call and wait on hold for 30 minutes only to have some guy tell me he will make sure that no one can refund or exchange my purchase. Absolutely the worst experience I ever had with anyone.

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RE: Terrible Customer Service

 YOU Should FIRE your IT guy or  DOCK his pay for the mis application.  DELL didn't do anything wrong. and you had 30 days with the product ? Please.. Most of us now to get anything to  IMMEDIATELY install it and see if it works. 14 days is the tops for electronic parts where I come from DC_MD_VA ..  JMHO>

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