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[UEFI BUG] Inspiron 14 5458 w/ Ubuntu


My computer is deleting Ubuntu boot entries whenever I try to boot a USB device on it. The USB device overlaps the Ubuntu entry and takes over the first order (FS0), deleting the Ubuntu entry permanently until I recreate it manually.

I bought it with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installed without Secure Boot and in legacy mode. I'm currently running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in UEFI, Secure Boot ON and Legacy Support OFF, but I also tried every other setup and it didn't make a difference.  Therefore, I assume this is a bug.

Expected Behaviour:

  • Plugs USB device and boots from it
  • Ubuntu entry remains there

Actual behaviour:

  • Ubuntu installed, boot entry is created and persists across reboots
  • plugs in bootable USB device, reboot computer and try to boot it
  • Ubuntu entry disappears, USB device takes over
  • then I need to create the entry manually.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this only affects Ubuntu entries. Fedora Linux, Arch Linux or any other keep their UEFI entries intact in the computer BIOS. Ubuntu has modified its placement and naming of boot files. Some will say that it's Ubuntu's fault, but since Ubuntu is supported by Dell, there should be some changes you can apply to the BIOS firmware in order to avoid this problem.

Dell Inspiron 14 5458

  • Ubuntu (latest LTS)
  • Intel Core i3-5005u 2.0 GHz x4 (HT)
  • 8 GB DDR3L 1600 MHz RAM

Dell Inspiron 11 3162

  • Ubuntu (latest LTS)
  • Intel Celeron N3050 2.0 GHz x2 (TB)
  • 2 GB 1600 MHz RAM
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