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USB not working

I have Dell Inspiron 13 – 7359 series and I have 3 USB ports 2 in left side and one in right side but the2 on left side not working any more –  the only one on right side is working this happened after some problems with power/ battery after I have connected extra display truth the USB - I have try update drivers and reinstall Windows and sometimes Icon with USB pictures is Jumping on process line I have try Dells repair / analyze and  its say
problems with USB 3,1 Gen 1( SuperSpeed
problems with USB 2.0

Thank you in advance 

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RE: USB not working

Inger -Louise,

Reinstall the chipset drivers back into the system and reboot. Try the ports again. If that does not work to resolve the issue, run the Dell  ePSA Diags by following the steps below.

Launching ePSA
As soon as you see the DELL logo, tap <F12> until you see the one-time boot menu.
Select Diagnostics.
Testing Devices using ePSA
The ePSA starts running the quick test without waiting for user input.
For Dell™ Inspiron™ 13 / 7347 / 7348: To select a specific device to test, users can tap the Esc key.
For Inspiron 13 / 7359: To select a specific device to test, users can tap the Esc key, then click on the right arrow button near the bottom right of the screen.
A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer. NOTE: The Touchpad/Mouse will be non–functional when the test is in progress. This is as per design.

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RE: USB not working

Hello Jesse and thank you for support -I have done what you recommended (diagnostic in bios) and the diagnostic have told me! battery “Warning charger is not detected “other things are okay everything have pass positive also USB but the problem still existing after I have also reinstalled Windows 10 twice!  2 USB in left side are “dad “one time I reinstall original drivers from Dell and one time I reinstall Windows without Dell original drivers – I have make Diagnostic with Dell support and I get this message

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