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Updating bios failed and i am stuck need help

Dear Dellers,

I need urgent help as I just got my dell studio 1557 last month. I was very excited to own a first dell as my business machine. I am on business trip and i was getting message update to update my bios from A04 to A05 and today unfortunately i try to update it. While updating it got stuck and frozen for more than 30 mins and nothing was happening. I had no clue as we dont turn off the laptop while updating the bios. Unfortunately there was power failure and my laptop shut down. I tried rebooting it but unfortunately it didnt turn on. Now the problem is i have all  my data in my laptop and i am on busines strip i must not have done that but now i dont knwo what to do i need your help on veryu urgent basis. I hope you guys can help me fixing my laptop asap. I try to fix it by putting my operating restore dvd in it too but now i am stuck dont knwo what to do. I am waiting for your replies pls help me.


Best Regards and Thanks In advance  


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Mary G
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Re: Updating bios failed and i am stuck need help

Contact Dell Support for help with this since this is a new computer.

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