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VT-x enable on Inspiron 14z (5423)


I have i7-3517u version of Inspiron 14z (5424) which supported VT-x

When I try to use software which require VT-x It say that I haven't enable VT-x in BIOS but there is NO VT-x option in BIOS!! (I'm on Latest BIOS Version : A13 and Virtualization Enable in BIOS).

How can I enable this option? Do I have to wait for NEW BIOS?

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RE: VT-x enable on Inspiron 14z (5423)

I have the same issue here.. I went to the bios and all I can see is the option to enable virtualization. but when I checked it using LeoMoon, it says that my system supports vt but it's not enabled.

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