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Vostro 1400 Just Died?

My vostro 1400 just mysteriously wont turn on any longer.

It was working fine on tursday day+night as I used it to complete extensive work at college then i took it home in my car, took it out and when i turn it on, nothing happens.

The power LED will light up a very faint blue for ~5sec then turn off when you push the button.

The battery only had 3 'lights' charge however it is now fully charged so i know that the battery or ac adapter is not at fault.

The laptop makes literally no sound/motion/action at all on either the power of mediahome buttons being pushed. The power light comes on and then nothing. No click/whirr of fans or anything.


Anyone have any idea where to start? I'm a bit annoyed at losing this laptop AGAIN (had the nVidia GPU burnout)

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