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Vostro 3560, Removed raid metadata, installed Ubuntu, easy way to go back?

Hello all,

I decided a while back that I wanted to dual boot my new Vostro 3560 so after looking at a few forums I found that I needed to remove the raid metadata using dmraid.

At this point I could only boot into windows and ubuntu through legacy boot but I wasn't fussed at the time.

Now after a few issues with ubuntu I have decided I want to go back to a clean install of windows 7 (ie factory reset), easy I thought, just need the drivers from dell and will install a clean install with the serial number on the bottom of the laptop...

Oh there isn't a serial number on the bottom? there is a recovery partition but I cannot for the life of me access it. I have booted into windows and tried everything. Holding shift, pressing every key on the keyboard when booting but nothing allows me to access the recovery partition!

It is definitely there as I can see it with disk manager. 

If i reenable UEFI secure boot there are no boot options. If i create a boot option it allows me to select a device but then asks me to enter a path but I don't know what to enter here.

The dell app in windows also wont allow me to create recovery media either as I get an error. Also the windows Create a system repair disk wont work.

I really feel like I am running out of options and am considering sending the laptop back to dell (if i havn't voided the warranty) but I rely on the laptop for work so cannot be without it for more than a few days.

Any guidance here would be very much appreciated and I would be eternally in your debt Smiley Happy

If I havn't provided enough detail I would be happy to provide more.

Tom H

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