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Warranty issue


this is Mohammad javed from Mumbai.

I bought a Dell XPS 15 high end laptop just before a month and now when i try to check my WARRANTY STATUS it shows YOUR DELL PRODUCT IS OUT OF WARRANTY, it has been oone month for my new dell laptop and warranty is 1 year, how can they say that your product is out of warranty.

Please help me on this issue, its almost nightmare for me.

Thanks in advance !!!  😞

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Re: Warranty issue

You have to Register your Dell.  If you did not buy from an authorized dealer then you do not have a warranty from dell.

Dell - International Laptop Warranty Contact Information

  • Call the call center of the country in which you're travelling
  • Call the call center of your home region while abroad
  • Call the International Queue at 512-728-7424 (toll call).
    If in the US or Canada, call 800-285-1653 (toll free)
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