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Windows 7 Home Premium Boot ISO

I was going to attempt to present my current issue as briefly as possible, then I realized that it wont even be possible.

I currently own a Dell Inspiron N5010 and it has Windows 7 Home Premium installed as an operating system.  This problem i am having began as a relatively minor issue and now it has begun to bother me quite a bit as i attempt to resolve the trouble, to no avail.  When I power on the laptop, the first screen loads followed by the windows logo and the progress bar underneath.  Then the screen goes quite dismally black.  Not blue, but black.  So I immediately hop on another device and do some research and from what I have read, based on individuals who share the same problem, the best solution is to create a new boot ISO and put slap that guy on USB flash drive and just reinstall windows.  GREAT!  So I have at it, of course.  I flip the laptop upside down and get my product key, go to the microsoft website to download what I need, and low and behold, upon entering my product key, the next screen has an image of christian bale grinning at me with his middle finger in the air (all jokes): and the text reads something to the effect of: the product key you have entered is associated with a laptop in which the operating system was already installed on the laptop (horrible paraphrasing, sorry). Now I'm aggravated a bit more.  I go to the Dell website and go in and out of the support pages with a little bit of help, but the primary issue is that i need the windows 7 boot ISO or a factory reset file, and wherever it may be in this whole world wide web, it must be inaccessible to me.  I am quite sure that thepiratebay or other bittorrent sites will have even less to offer as far as assistance....I JUST WANT THE LAPTOP TO BOOT UP SO I MAY UTILIZE IT. PLEASE HELP ME YOU FINE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

with warmest regards,

D. Grey

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RE: Windows 7 Home Premium Boot ISO

Microsoft never permitted OEMs to allow Windows 7 ISO files to be downloaded - you'll need to contact Dell support to see if they'll sell you a recovery flash drive for your system (they have in general suspended this service but may allow it on an older WIndows 7 system if you ask).

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