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Windows Activation and Windows Key

I purchased my Dell laptop in December 2015 with a 1 year warranty.

It had major problems in July 2016 and was returned to Dell for repairs.  The motherboard was replaced.

I'm now getting a shadowy message in the lower right of my screen saying "Activate Windows"

When I try, it tells me the Windows key is wrong. 

Further digging indicates that this may be due to the motherboard replacement.

Attempts to chat with Dell result in "You're out of warranty"

I don't want to spend hours of phone *** trying to talk to someone at Dell, or pay for simply getting the proper Windows key.

(Windows seems to update OK with the key it has.).


How might I get the Windows Key issue resolved?   

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RE: Windows Activation and Windows Key

When boards are replaced, the replacements do not have an embedded license key.  The system would have been shipped back to you with a card or sticker containing a license key for Windows -- look for that card (or in the battery compartment for the sticker).

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RE: Windows Activation and Windows Key

Thank you for your message, I will be glad to assist you on this.

Please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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