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I purchased a laptop, which I received on 9/7/10, then 2 days later received the router.  I have been on the phone w/dell at least 5 times due to i am unable to get on the internet.  One night we were on the phone for at least 2 hours and actually had a tech remote into the system.  He was unable to figure out the problem and said he would have someone come out.

A couple of days later, after not hearing from anyone, i called again.  I requested to speak w/a supervisor.  A superivsor, supposibly, by the name of Tumar said he would call me back in 30-45 minutes and i never heard back. 

i called again and was advised no one would be coming out but they would need to trouble shoot THEN i was advised they were going to send me a wireless card for my laptop.  After being transfered several times, and no one knew about the wireless card, i was disconnected. 

It has now been almost 2 weeks since i have had my computer and i am unable to use it AND on top of that, one of the major issues is that when i purchased the laptop, i was not advised that it was refurbished.  This laptop is WAY to much for a refurbished and it should have been disclosed to me.

if i can receive assistance, please send me a return box so i can send it back, both the laptop and the router.  i really would like to keep it, but i would also like to use it.

Can someone please help me?  It is an Inspirion 1545, <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag and express service code removed per privacy policy>


Kristi Sanford

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