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XPS 13 9365 lid design issue

This is more of a feedback to the Dell engineering team, but also wanted to hear from other XPS 13 9365 owners out there.

I have a hard time opening the lid on this laptop.  Unlike MacBooks, there is no indentation or lip to get a grip on.  I have resorted to standing the laptop on its rear edge and then using both hands to separate the display from the keyboard.

Has someone found a better way?  I am tempted to add a plastic tab to the hand rest to make opening the laptop easier.



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RE: XPS 13 9365 lid design issue

I have noticed it is a little hard to grasp the lid.  The top of the lid does have a slight extension you can pull up on, but putting it on the back side does allow for a better opening.  The most important thing seems to be not opening from opposite sides of the system since that puts a torque on the hinges.

My Inspiron 17 2 in 1, does have a place to open the lid, center of the front, but even it is still hard to get a finger hold and opens best when sitting on the back.


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