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XPS 13 bezel

A three-week old XPS 13 (9343), I've been very gentle with it, and now this. You can sort of push it back in, but after the lid is closed for some time and then opened, it's back. 

Is this normal? Is it fixable? Am I insane to be complaining about something like this?

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Actually, the bezel insert feels rather rubbery and quite flexible, which of course does not rule out plastic. Also, the autobrightness issue. Anandtech stated in their review that Dell admitted that currently there is no way to disable it (BIOS, graphics driver, or power options), while Dell tech support would assume that I am computer illiterate and try to fix it in the power options. 

I would be fine with this laptop overall, but my user experience was just terrible. The order took three weeks to assemble and ship. Three weeks, while I needed the laptop for a conference. The customer service then took about ten days to finally inform me that they were out of batteries, and hence the hold-up. In the past, when there was a screw-up like this, Dell customer service would immediately give you something like a $150 gift card. This time, after maybe five phone calls, it took her majesty supervisor of some sort to produce a $80 refund on the order. Then strange phone calls from people claiming they issued a refund (all would quote a different amount), all this mess and lack of internal communication.

And I understand that $80 is probably a lot of money in the country of customer service location, and a 3-week delay in shipping is not a year, but my past experience with Dell used to be vastly different. At the end, I got a survey, in which I gave Dell the lowest possible marks, and noone, absolutely noone cared to come forward and offer absolutely anything to keep me as a customer. Very disappointing. 

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Just want to add to what you all said with my experience for the xps 13. I bought the laptop a week ago in a refurbished condition with no scratches what so ever and found my experience with Dell to be questionable. The laptop is perfect is every way with exception with the bezel.  Like both of you, I searched up the Internet and found 3 occurrences with problem with the bezel quality. Since its happening at the exact same spot, I was thinking it was a quality issue and called to technical support to see if anything can be done. The CSR basically said that I have basic protection and nothing can be done unless I pay for the repair/get full protection. Fair enough if I caused the damage but I am confident that it is a quality issue. I talked more about the built issue and she said if there is a problem, a recall would have been  issued.  Funny thing is that I asked if there was others having the same issue and she admitted there are but have full protection so it was fixed with no charge. To me, the story doesn't add up. But in any case, just want to write here about my case for anyone that plans to get the xps 13 (9343) or has one to look out for the bezel /get full protection or else this may happen to you.

I have been a Dell customer for almost 10 years. Even after 10 years my inspiron 640m still runs like a beauty for its age, it never had

such issues. I still use it to this day. I was looking for a upgrade that's as robust and timeless as the 640m, but I guess I'll have to look elsewhere.

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