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XPS 15 (9550) i7 6700HQ never reaches 3.5GHz

Although the i7 6700HQ CPU is rated to run up to 3.5GHz on Turbo Boost, I don't ever see it go over 3.2GHz.  Is that normal for the XPS 15 9550?  What do others see?  Is the max speed limited by the BIOS (on version 1.2.0 A6)?

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RE: XPS 15 (9550) i7 6700HQ never reaches 3.5GHz

Thank you for your message.

·        3.50 GHz is the max frequency of this processor and the base frequency being 2.60 GHz

·        This will not reach the max speed if the device is over - heating up, this is a security measure

·        This will not turbo if it is NOT plugged in

·        Will not turbo if there is any power saving mode enabled in bios or OS

·        Turbo speed is variable, it will hit the max turbo only on a single core

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