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XPS 15, latest BIOS update ruined the cooling system.

I have a Dell XPS 9550 laptop, and I've recently made two BIOS updates. The one 1.3.something, and now I have 1.4.0

They both had the same terrible issue.

It seems like the processor cooling policy is completely broken.

My laptop's fans never go to silent mode now. They always run, with pretty high speed and noise. Even when CPU is totally idle, or loaded on about 1-5%

Before these updates my Dell never ever turned on the fans with this kind of CPU load, staying completely silent.

If this is BIOS's issue, I'd like to ask Dell engineers to fix it and push new update.

If there is anything I can do myself to fix it, I would highly appreciate any help.

Thank you!

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Below are what those two BIOS addressed. I do not see anything specifically dealing with cooling.

1. Fixes system defense with wireless parameter will cause ME failure
2. System stability enhancements
3. To prevent user update ME Firmware to blacklist 11.6 ME firmware
4. Correct error message in Excalibur
5. Fix Bitlocker issue on Win7 ultimate/enterprise

1. Enhance dock's audio performance

You can try to down flash to 1.2.29. But, the system may not let you. It might say you have a newer BIOS and not allow it. Give it a shot.

1. Fixed a potential security issue with Bootguard code integrity chaining enforcement".
2. Fixed a potential security issue with the Support Assist PreBoot feature
3. Updated processor microcode
4. Update Computrace 957
5. Support Win10 RS2 Enterprise
6. Enhance NVME support and reduce noise

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I installed 1.29

But the fans run as crazy the same way.

CPU load is 2-3%, fans are running like if I'm playing a videogame on high settings.

It's terribly ennoying.

Does anyone else have the same issue?

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I don't have the same issue, but since I updated the BIOS my bluetooth doesn't work anymore

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I have the same issue, so you are not alone.

Although I have just done a fresh install to sort another issue, so I can't pinpoint the problem.

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Hi !

I have Exactly the same problem !!

I downgrade to the 1.2.25 it seems better.

Same problem here :


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