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XPS 9550 speaker distortion

I bought an XPS 9550 a couple of months ago, and I was watching a movie on it the other night.  Suddenly I started getting a massive amount of distortion from the speakers.  And now anything I play on the builtin speakers distorts terribly.  I strongly suspect it is a hardware issue.

I went to Dells support website, however it incorrectly states that my laptop is out of waranty, which it shouldn't be for another 6 months at least.  It suggested ringing a premium rate phone number, but I am currently working internationally, so that would cost a fortune. 

Please advise what I should do next.

My service id is

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RE: XPS 9550 speaker distortion


Thank you for writing to us!

We would suggest you not put up any sensitive issue on a public post.

As we understand that there is distortion on any audio.The service tag that you have shared doesn't reflect any warranty. Kindly private message the service tag,email address and proof of purchase.



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RE: XPS 9550 speaker distortion

The same issue. My speakers died, all i hear is rattle no sound. And dell support is awfull. First they said to wait untill i get some dispatch code. Now after two weeks i get a message like i am late and i should have printed and sent some shipping label,   I do not know how to send it to repair.

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