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XPS 9560 - TSX NI not present in i5 7300HQ


While checking through CPU-Z and hwinfo, it says that the processor does not have TSX.

I need this feature for performance reasons as RPCS3( A PS3 emulator) has implemented TSX to improve its performance.

If you check the intel ark site it says this processor supports TSX.NI


So my question is, Has Dell disabled this feature?

My BIOS firmware is the latest 1.3.4 and I am not sure if it was disabled by this new firmware. i cannot confirm this because I havent checked this in the older firmware.


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RE: XPS 9560 - TSX NI not present in i5 7300HQ

You may want to check with Intel - it's been promising to get this technology working but has disabled it after the fact in Haswell, Broadwell and at least some Skylake CPUs.

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