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XPS M1530: plugged in not charging. Potential fix

After trying every single possible variation from switching batteries, the motherboard, charge adaptor, updating ACPI-compliant control and flashing the A12 bios; I found that nothing really helped the XPS M1530 with this re-occurring problem on my own. When I reverted to A9 bios the laptop began to charge again immediately after installing, to make sure that originally my A12 bios wasn’t in some way corrupted I reflashed to A12, which caused the message “plugged in not charging” to show up again.


Recommendation: Anyone with reoccurring charge issues with the XPS M1530 should try to revert to A9 bios to see if any change occurs. *Note, you must have a battery with >10% charge to update bios.


For Dell: please review A12 power management changes from A9.

Thanks for suggestions from other people posting to similar topics on this board.

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Bob Rutschman
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RE: XPS M1530: plugged in not charging. Potential fix

Have had the same problem with my XPS 1530 and have tried every other fix suggested without help. This one works.

Dell, what is the deal with the A12 Bios. A09 works well.

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