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XPS M1530 won't boot anymore.


my Dell XPS M1530 doesn't boot anymore. It is powered, the harddrive spins up, the screen is powered but remains blank. No start-up screen, no chance to enter BIOS, nothing.

After some minutes the harddrive spools down and only the screen remains powered.

I expect a problem with the BIOS-Chip on the motherboard. Any chance to get help from Dell or spare parts respectively?

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Re: XPS M1530 won't boot anymore.

If you know you tried to flash the BIOS and the flash failed, that's one thing - otherwise, it's not the BIOS chip.  Remove the battery, unplug the system and hold the power button for 30 seconds.  Remove and reinstall both memory modules.  Try again - if you still get nothing, and the AC adapter shows OK (light is on), the mainboard needs to be replaced.  You can get a price from Dell spare parts or elsewhere - the board will run in the low-mid $200 range.

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Re: XPS M1530 won't boot anymore.

Nvidia produced 8600M and 8400M chips that were ALL defective in the 2007- approx 2010 year. They ALL used a material that basically melted under high temperatures. They attempted to cover it up, but end users from Dell to HP to Apple reported extremely high incidents of GPU failure. This lead to a no-fault settlement deal that has already ended in 2011.



This is like buying a car faulty transmission that will inherently go bad. Dell updated their BIOS in revision A08 to lower the system fan temperature threshold lowering battery life, but increasing noise and and the time it would take for the GPU to fail due to overheating.

Dell has agreed to provide a 1 year extension warranty to a maximum of 5 years total warranty. So if you had 4 years warranty, you now have a 1 year extension. However, that one year is only for this specific GPU issue.


In this situation, they will replace the motherboard as the m1530 GPU is soldered onto the motherboard and the entire thing gets replaced for FREE by Dell.

If you are out of warranty for 1+ years, then you might be screwed. You can try Tech support and ask for a free repair due to the inherent nature of the faulty GPU. Try with at least 5 calls. If that doesn't work try contacting their corporate headquarters or social media accounts.

The continuing problem here is that even if it replaced, no one can guarantee the new GPU will not fail in the future as no one can confirm if a new GPU with a correct material was used or if the correct material works. There have been reports of replaced GPUs failing, too.

Your best bet is to buy another computer.

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