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XPS13 Ultrabook (L321X) - upgrading CPU

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Is it possible to upgrade the CPU in the XPS13 Ultrabook?  My specific model is the L321X and the factory CPU I'm using is the i5-2467M which runs @ 1.60Ghz (Quad).  The CPU speed is fine, but I'm mainly concerned about having the coupled GPU upgrade - the one on my model CPU is the HD Graphics 3000.  Thoughts?

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RE: XPS13 Ultrabook (L321X) - upgrading CPU

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Thank you for reaching us.

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to upgrade the processor on this model as it is soldered to the Motherboard.

L321X was shipped with i5 and i7 Processors , however both these configuration were offered with only Integrated graphics solution, Intel HD Graphics 3000.

Thank you

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