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can't install DellSystemDetectLauncher.exe on my reloaded inspiron 1750

I have a Dell Laptop Inspiron 1750 and I have cleared it down using the factory restore images stored on the computers.  I want it fully working before I given it to a friend or family.

I wanted to get the latest drivers and when I went to the Dell Support page I was offered to download and install DellSystemDetectLauncher.exe.  I first download it and then run the installer and then nothing happens, no welcome screen, no please wait or loading ... dialog box, no error message, just absolutely nothing.

My real problem is that I can't install a few pieces of software:
Adobe Flash
Acrobat Reader
maybe more I have not seen yet.

All have the same problem.  you double click on the installer and then nothing happens.

So I am really hoping someone will guild me to fix the DellSystemDetectLauncher.exe problem I have and it will fix the other installers not working.  I have already posted this on the adobe forum.

I am a computer programmer with a degree in computer programming and I have built my own computer, reinstalled them, have installed drivers, software and firmware, so I thought I should be able to fix this problem but as of yet I have had no luck so far.

I have:

1) Installed all the Windows Updates

2) Installed Windows Vista SP2

3) Installed Dell's BIOS, Drivers, Software and firmware updates.

4) installed the latest IE from v7 to now v9. (This fixed my skype problem "sorry, we couldn't connect to skype")

5) installed latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistribution.

6) Searched on the internet for solution and followed a few steps that I thought sounded promising but no solution so far.

To me the key problem is I don't get any information, i.e. no error messages or logs, so this makes it very hard to search for solutions that are specific to my problems.  Anyone who can help me just to identify the problem, that is find an error or a log that shows where the problems is, would help me tremendously and get me closer to fixing the problem.

I suspect that I need to install some type of update that will miraculously fix the problem, like point 4 above, where upgrading IE to v 9 fixed my skype problem, but I have no idea what this would be.

Thank you in advance for anyone helping me and I hope this forum discussion will help others.

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RE: can't install DellSystemDetectLauncher.exe on my reloaded inspiron 1750

I have managed to get adobe flash and acrobat reader working.

To find out how, please go to: https://forums.adobe.com/message/8795162#8795162

I think some of the installers (like install shield) must be using some library (like .dll files) that are not compatible with vista.  I thought by installing sp2 and Visual C++ 2012 Redistribution should have helped but it did not.

If I want to get Dell System Detect to work I will need get and older version of this, but for the time being I am OK, as I have found all the drivers for my computer on the dell website without the need for this.