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dell latitude e7440 touch - uneven illumination/backlit bleeding

As I read about problems with screen in Dell xps 12 I bought an refurbished dell latitude e7440.  It looks very good, It weights a bit too much, but it is not a big problem for me. Problem for me is an backlit bleeding/uneven illumination. Maybe I did not see many monitors, but this look very bad in my opinion:

On live it looks even worse.

I have few days to send it back. Is there any chance to get dell e7440 touch with high quality screen, with even illumination? Is it common issue? Or there is the same situation as with dell xps 12?

Does non-touch FHD version has better quality screen?

I do not know if I should send it back, and order other touch e7440, or order non-touch e7440, call for dell support to replace screen, or... buy something else because screens in dell laptops are worse than those in the  cheapest notebooks.

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RE: dell latitude e7440 touch - uneven illumination/backlit bleeding


I have two 7440 bought in Brazil with Non Touch FHD Antiglare Screen, and they have the same illumination problem.

I think it is a quality problem, other people and reviews on the Internet says the same.

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