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laptop won't turn on

Hi! I'm a Dell Laptop User 

i have an issue with my laptop. a while ago i was about to do some work and so i tuned on my laptop. i saw the red light which indicates low battery so as it starts, i slowly put the charger and so the red light was gone. and it is charging. 30 seconds after i opened the desktop, it suddenly turned off. at first i thought that it has something to do with the socket but i tried different gadgets and the socket was okay.  i tried plugging it to different sockets but it stil won't turn on!!!!!!! i tried taking out the battery and putting it back again but nothing happened. i tried using the charger of my laptop to the other laptops and it works! and so i tried it to my laptop again but it wont work with my laptop! i tried using the charger of other laptops to my laptop but it wont work. WHAT SHOULD I DO?! IM FREAKING OUT BECAUSE MY MOM WILL KILL ME!!! I DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG BUT IT COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN ON ME EVEN WHEN I PLUGGED THE CARGER IT WONT TURN ON!! I NEED ANSWER PLEASE I DONT HAVE MUCH TIME! MOM WILL FIND OUT ABOUT THIS SOON

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RE: laptop won't turn on

Please list Dell model number and version of windows. Dell Inspiron 3543, windows 10

In the meantime.....

If the system has battery that is easy to remove ( see image below), I suggest removing all peripherals from system. Remove AC adapter, battery, and then press " Power On " button for about 15 seconds to release Static Flea Power. Replace battery, adapter and then power on system. Hopefully computer starts normally. 

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