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n5030 middle USB ports


Is there a way to let the powers that be know something we just discovered, on the n5030 laptop?

We bought the laptop just as the surge in Kindle purchased took off.  So I don't know if the USB ports were designed to handle the Kindle 4 as they are sold these days.

Anyway, we reported several times over 3-4 months that the middle USB ports were not reading the Kindle 4.

We eventually sent the laptop back to the service center 3 times, and had the motherboard changed at least twice.

Obviously when the service center returned the machine to us it was working at the service center, however when I plugged in my Kindle 4 the ports did not work AGAIN.

We suddenly discovered something.

If the Kindles are plugged into the middle USB port using the PROVIDED USB cable, that came with the Kindle, the n5030 would NOT READ the Kindles.

Those cables are slender and long.

If the Kindles are plugged into the middle USB port using a THICKER USB CABLE that came with our phones, the computer COULD READ the Kindles.

We hypothesize that perhaps the thicker USB cables provide less resistance.  We further wonder whether the test USB cables used at the service center were of the thicker variety.

We don't know whether a step to check the thickness of the USB cord could save Dell Warranty some motherboard replacements, but I don't know how else to let them know.  I know that telling the call centers doesn't let the information go any higher than into my own account, on which the warranty has expired.

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Hi Bellaform,

Welcome to the Dell Community.

I would like to thank you for this valuable information.

I will report this information to our Depot


DELL–Vikas Gautam.

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