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screen flickering dell inspiron 15 700

the screen of my new dell has been flickering alot lately already did the display colour test its working fine. the problem isnt lines on the screen  its the screen flickerring on and off randomly. i have checked if it is relation to movement of the laptop and it isnt. i have updated the intel hd driver and the monitor driver is up to date. i have no external monitor to connect to. please help.....

ive also run multiple system test and antivirus scans it finds seemingly nothing wrong with hardware or software

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RE: screen flickering dell inspiron 15 700

It sounds like its a loose or bad connector from the motherboard to the monitor.  I'd call technical support for your area and have them fix/replace it.

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RE: screen flickering dell inspiron 15 700

Thank you for your message.

Does this happen when you click on any particular application?

Did this issue come up after any recent Windows updates, driver change or application installation?

Does the screen flicker if the LCD is moved back & forth? If this happens it could be an issue with the LVDS cable.

Restart the computer & tap F2 to get into BIOS & check if the screen flickers here, if it doesn’t it could be an issue with the driver.

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