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upgrade or replace

I have an XPS computer at least 6 or 7 years old that's still working well. But the battery now needs to be replaced as well as needing a new network card. The processor is intel cor (TM) i7-2630, QM CPU @ 2,00GH, 64 bit OS APCI x 64 based PC, 8 GB ram with pen support, running Windows 10. It is getting quirkier every time there's an upgrade.my email doesn't scroll smoothly anymore I used to be able to magnify a photo with the touch pad and that's disappeared..I don't know whether it's worth a rehab and if so, what needs to be upgraded. Should I reinstall the OS? Unfortunately money is an issue .I need a computer to do graphic design  and I do try to get a better machine when I need a new one.I've seen some interesting new ones, but the prices are steep.

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RE: upgrade or replace

Assuming the system has a hard drive, replacing it with a solid-state drive is the single best upgrade you can make.  That, plus a new battery and a network card should total less than $300.  

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RE: upgrade or replace

Hi Renee,

Now, I understand that you would like to stay updated with the latest OS and software, but a 6-7 year computer is less likely to run windows 10. Drivers may not be available for download or if available may not be fully compatible with the hardware. Do share the system model number and let us know what wireless cards you have in mind. 

Also with regards to the OS reinstallation, I would strongly suggest reinstalling the stock OS.

Do let me know if you have any questions.

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RE: upgrade or replace

Upgrade installs perform substantially worse than clean installs. Likely if you went from Windows 7 SP1 → Windows 10 TH1 → Windows 10 TH2 → Windows 10 RS1 the system performance will likely be abysmal.

First ensure your BIOS is up to date. This system should probably have a UEFI BIOS:


Directly clean install Windows 10 RS1 using a UEFI Boot. As ejn63 mentioned if you replace the HDD with a SSD such as a Crucial MX300 you should get a substantial system performance boost....

This system I'm guessing an XPS L502x or XPS 702x likely had a SSD cache drive so the SATA operation in the UEFI BIOS setup should be set to AHCI and not IRRT. 

To perform a clean install see here for details:



Dr Philip Yip
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