Dell R15 (n5010) Shuts down due high temperature

I am sitting in the livingroom. Its about 20 Celcius.

I was just downloading and Quickpar was running.

Suddenly the laptop shuts down. This happened 3 times.

I realise that the hard disk activity is the main reason why the laptop temperature gets so high.

It shuts down at 90 Celcius.

My question:

Is it somehow possible to up the max temperature of 90 Celcius to lets say 100 Celcius?


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Re: Dell R15 (n5010) Shuts down due high temperature

No. This temperature is set in the BIOS and cannot be changed.

You need to do several things. First, get some electronic compressed gas and blow through the vents to clean out dust and dirt. Some laptops have an access port on the bottom to access the fan area for cleaning. If this doesn't help, make sure the fan is working. If you don't here it running fast as the temperature raises, it may be faulty. Go to the Dell Diagnostics when you boot anf run the complete diagnostics. If everything is OK, but you still have high temperatures, you may have a problem with poor heat transfer to the cooling system because of incorrect application of heat transfer media. This would take professional help unless you know what you are doing. If under warranty, call Dell.

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Re: Dell R15 (n5010) Shuts down due high temperature

How did your issue finally resolved.. or did it.. ?

i discovered this problem early and i believe it is cos of the i7 processor i my case.. it shutts down at 99C

the i7 is way to powerful to the plastic casing that keeps the heat. the fan does a good job.. but i end up have-in another "fan" behind or under my computer " in Spain when its hot outside the computer is having some troubles.. well,,,

i believe that it is faulty construction of the Inpsiron r15 line.. i have read other threads with similar problems.. 

i honestly get effin mad when computer just shuts ..... next laptop i will buy - when low heat processors enter the market.. or some fierce coolig systems will be installed in laptop machines..till then a medium stationary will have to be the solution..


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Re: Dell R15 (n5010) Shuts down due high temperature

In my case the cause was a faulty fan/heatsink. The fluid inside wasnt too fluid anymore it seems.

So I got a new one an that resolved the problem. That was 1 year ago.

The past 2 weeks the CPU temp raised to almost 90 C again while downloading, so I think the fan/heatsink is broken again...

Problem is that my warranty ended 3 weeks ago....

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