Driver Problems with ATI Mobility X1400 and Vista


Over the last few weeks I have been having difficulty with my Inspiron E1505 Laptop. I am running Windows Vista 32 Bit and have an ATI Mobility X1400 graphics card.


Some time ago I tried updating Vista to SP1 and ran into a number of driver conflicts. I rolled the update back and downloaded updated drivers in an attempt to get SP1 to function properly. One of the updated drivers was version 8.360 for my X1400. I installed the driver and rebooted, windows loaded again and everything looked just fine until my screen brightness turned itself down by roughly 50%.


I checked the settings for screen brightness and they were maxed out. I rolled back the driver and it resolved my problem. This worked for a few weeks until I got a Blue Screen with memory dump which restarted windows. When the computer rebooted and windows began to load, the same blue screen error and memory dump crashed the computer. At this point it was in an endless loop. I interrupted a restart and booted into safe mode where I updated the driver once again. My computer seems to be stable at this point but my screen brightness it entirely too low and it makes the screen difficult to see.


I am sure it is the driver and not a backlight issue. I've checked the drivers area of Dell.com and have only been able to find the driver I currently have installed. ATI does not support the Mobility series, from what I can see, and I'm stuck for a solution to my problem. SP1 still causes driver conflicts which I have been unable to solve, so it has been uninstalled.


Does anyone have a suggestion on how I could solve my brightness/driver problem?


Thank you

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