Removing Hinge Cover and Keyboard on Latitutde D830 - need better pics

In order to install more RAM and a Bluetooth monitor card in our Latitude D830, I must open and remove the Hinge Cover and Keyboard.  The pictures showing this in the service manual are OK but not great, and the text is not at all descriptive of the process.  Does anyone have better pictures or a clear description?  (What is a "plastic scribe"?)

For example:   "The keycaps on the keyboard are fragile, easily dislodged, and time-consuming to replace. Be careful when removing and handling the keyboard. "

Well ... how do I do this like a pro?   What if the keycaps come loose?

Dell - why are these slots where they are??

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Re: Removing Hinge Cover and Keyboard on Latitutde D830 - need better pics

Print out the directions for this procedure just so its easier to follow.

When removing the hinge cover open the lcd screen all the way flat as described. Then you use the plastic scribe to gently pry the hinge cover off...starting at the end described in the instructions.

A plastic scribe is just a plastic tool with a tip like a thin flat head screw driver. i make my own by filing down the tip of a plastic knife with an emory board.

When the hinge cover is off you then remove the keyboard by removing the described screws. You do not fully take the keyboard out but merely flip it backwards upside down and let it rest on the laptop case.

Then follow the directions for removing the memory and pci card.

Hope this helped to clarify it a bit.

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