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Dell 5285 2 in 1 Backlight Fuse location?

I've got a Latitude 5285 2 in 1 that had a drop and needed a replacement screen after a drop.  After replacing the screen, I am seeing that the video is being presented to the screen, however the back light isn't illuminating the screen so you can't read it unless you shine a light on the front of the screen.

Doing research on this it seems that others have had luck replacing fuses to resolve backlight issues, but I've not been able to track down the backlight fuse location on this motherboard to even test it to see if that is the issue.

Anyone know where the backlight fuse is on the 528520190602_140225.jpgMother board


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Re: Dell 5285 2 in 1 Backlight Fuse location?

Welcome to the Dell Community  @jbrianj 

1. Could be a bad replacement screen???

2. Cable connection at the LCD???

3. System board???

No fuse that can be replaced.

Before "Connecting" the replacement screen did you remove AC, Main Battery and hold down the power button for at least 15 seconds???

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