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Latitude 7390 2-in-1 - attach active pen 557W

the active pen was delivered with an lanyard to attach it to the 7390 frame. A youtube video shows the hinge as the best connection. That might be working in normal notebook mode but if you mount the lanyard on the hinge the machine does not switch to tablet mode because the connection point is to thick.


Any ideas or hints?

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yes it is very tricky to attach the lanyard. I watched a video the lanyard is attached in a way that the connection point is not behind the hinge, but in fron of it (when you work with your laptop you are able to see the connection point). Nevertheless, I don't like it because if I close my laptop due to the thickness of the connection point the hinge might be a little bit forced


I’ve got a 5285, so might be similar solution. There is a tiny tether pin adjacent to the power switch, in the corner of the edge facing, more towards the rear rather than screen side. There are two small openings either side of the tether pin to thread the lanyard through - bit fiddly and not easy to spot!


Did anyone resolve this annoying issue?

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I have the same problem - what did you do in the end?
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