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Latitude 7490 Overheating

We have 7490's and about a third of them run at 100% for NO REASON.




The other 3 are silent. This is straight out of the box behavior, with stock power adapters. 



Disabling Intel SpeedStep in the BIOS fixes this temporarily. I rolled them up to 1.3.3 (latest bios) and saw no change. The laptops are actually hot. Like this is clearly a thermo problem if 3 of them are fine out of the box.

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Try 2 things: turn off intel turbo boost from BIOS settings,  and reduce maximum power usage from windows control panel. I tried these two steps which at least has reduced the heat, I'm still not satisfied,  but it is better than nothing.


Is your 7490 still under warranty?  This sounds to me like a mother board issue, as I have a 7490 also and have never had a thermal issue with it, even running a graphics program or photo/video editing program.  If the laptop is still under warranty, insist on having it looked at and possibly, getting a new mother board.  If it is not under warranty, the the Parts People have replacement mother boards for something like $250.00; a far cry less than what the 7490 (or another new laptop) cost.


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This is 2021 Nov, let me share a bit my experience for 7490.

The conclusion is simple, don't buy it, don't buy it, don't buy it, I repeat 3 times means seriously don't buy it.


The overheat problem, I tried many ways, replaced fan and heater pipe, replaced the glue, nothing works. Everytime when I used 10-30m, windows gives me BLUE screen. I tired reinstall clean system, nothing  works. Updated Windows, updated drivers bios, and possibly everything.


Basically at the end, i have a laptop can only use for 10m.

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I had a similar issue with my 7490 heating up, making fan noise. I noticed it was often running at high frequency with no apparent reason. I tried to limit the max cpu speed in Windows power settings. It reduced fan and temperature but also reduced performance.

Eventually I found this topic:

It says that "speed shift" technology is not actually enabled by dell. Once I installed ThrottleStop and enabled "Speed Shift" I am getting much better cpu speed control. The topic mentions that this is because the CPU itself is regulating the speed rather than letting the OS do it (in an non optimal way). Currently I am getting 1Ghz speeds at idle and high speeds at load. Seems to work fine.

I didn't disable turbo or any other setting.

while it's hard to prove my thought is it's the VRM area. i noticed the 7490 gets hot around the W-R area on keyboard even when idle in windows. some testing with bottom panel off and fans shows that cooling this area vastly reduces cpu fan.

normal business use made the fan run maybe 98%+ of the time at it's 3400rpm 'low speed' (really!? thats low speed!? wheres ~1500rpm). after my fix under the same conditions then it's more like 2% fan on.

using hwinfo sensors i see close to 3400rpm average fan speed over a working day as the laptop comes from factory. i'm now down <150rpm average.

I've used a modified laptop cooler (specifically the deepcool X8 cooler) and replaced the rear 2 fans with 7v 92x14mm noctua fans. quieter and a much nicer tone than the laptop cpu fan and onpar with the wd19tb dock.

clearly not something thats possible in the business environment but it might help some.

based on this i'm assuming dell have a temp sensor for the VRM's which is tied into the CPU fan logic. VRMs heat up, cpu fan comes on to cool, but because there is no possible way the CPU fan can cool the VRM's it just stays running. while i didnt get to test, i had the same issue with the 5490 model too and dell support could not fix.

another thing i've just noticed in hwinfo is 'core 0-3 power limit exceeded' is current at 'yes'. It could be an unsupported monitor that will always report this value, but if not then theres something going on with cpu power limits (which could explain the high VRM temps).

send us as well

Our company had the same issue on the Latitude 5401 and my Latitude 7490 will run at full fan speed too.  What I was told by Dell was to go into Bios, Security, SMM Security Mitigation and un-check the SMM Security Mitigation box and that fixed all of our 5401 overheating problems.  I also did this on my own Latitude 7490 too.  You might also want to be sure that if you are running Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise that you don't need any .NET Windows updates.  Sometimes they stay hidden unless you click check for update under the Settings, Security and Update tab.  These updates fixed my fan issue a couple of times too.  Lastly, be sure that you run all of the Dell updates for your computer and set the Dell Command Update Manager to download automatically to be sure your computer stays updated because failure to update your Dell will cause it to stop running at peak efficiency. Good luck,

This is my 5 dell laptop for the last 12 years. Always Latitude also top model. I never had any issues with the previous ones always reliable with excellent quality. The last model 7490 makes me mad. At least i have a freeze two times a day.and it is impossible to work. The temperature goes very high and from the first time i can recognize the it is a design issue and put the fun output in the front of the laptop which is also blocked by the screen. This is quite ridiculous the system designers the should first look the functionality and the stability and then the design.

As it is a company laptop I will return it back to the service to check what they can do ... 

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Just bought latitude 7490 with i7 8650 3 months ago and this problem exists most of the time. Nothing i can do. May be it was one of my worst decision in my life, switching from Thinkpad to Latitude. I will never ever buy any Dell. Good luck Dell!

Hi Raf,

Thanks for your ThrottleStop settings for the Dell 7490.

I have also purchased the Dell 7490 with i7 8650u processor and started playing with undervolting based on your values. Can I ask you for the complete settings you used to get the same rock solid performance you achieved please? Did you set any profiles etc? Have you changed the Speedshif EPP - TPL settings etc?

Thanks in advance for sharing the full settings.

Best regards,





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