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XPS 13 - Fingerprint reader Linux support

Hi there

I recently ordered the new XPS 9360 Developer Edition with the optional fingerprint reader. So far I haven't found any supporting documents that the FP reader is working under Linux.

Since this is a rather new addition I am patient but hopeful that we will eventually get a Linux driver.

Are there any infos on this?

The fingerprint reader as reported by lsusb is Validity Sensors Inc. "VFS7552" with device ID 183a:0091.
I have found an effort in reverse engineering the Windows driver: 

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Hi Justin,

I've accepted your request.

Thanks for looking into this.



@Relevant and BillyRayPreachersSon,

I can now confirm that Dell will be removing the Fingerprint reader option from the 9360 Dev. Edition configurations. This removal should be complete in a couple days.

Thank you both for your kind feedback.

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter!

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Thanks for the update Justin!


I just bought an XPS13 DE Linux OS, and the salesman had absolutely no hesitation selling me the fingerprint option. Like the others in this thread, I just assumed a driver would/could be found for it. And, I had not found this site until now after a search for possible online explanations for fingerprint-GUI not being able to find any fingerprint devices on my Dell machine.

Will Dell EVER be acquiring/writing/reselling a driver for the fingerprint device?



I had a similar problem with a lenovo fingerprint reader and I assume the same/similar is used by Dell as well.

The reader is not built by the laptop manufacturers and the manufacturer of the fingerprint reader only offers windows drivers.

It is sad that this 19th century business behaviour is still present, but it is. I don't think that the number of linux users is big enough to convince Dell to change it's supplier, so we're stuck with that.


I had a Dell Precision M4500 from 2010 and successfully used the built in fingerprint reader with Windows and then Debian - in the latter case it worked as a login on boot for both my encrypted Samsung Drive and login to the OS.

Ready to retire that machine I have just bought a top spec Precision 7520 with Ubuntu and the fingerprint reader option but no sign of anywhere to enable it, which is why I'm here.

If the above posts represent the status quo - ie no way to use this very important to me feature, and a key reason I bought a machine with this option - I am very unhappy. The machine itself seems top notch, but selling options that don't work again and again is a major failure that deserves severe penalties, because obviously Dell has not woken up to this.

Or... is there a way to configure and enable the fingerprint reader for a brand new Dell Precision 7520?



I followed the trail to from the bug tracker to here -

Development looks like it's coming along but still not quite there yet. I'm actually surprised that even though I've heard so many Linux people talking about the XPS13 and never mentioned that there was no option for getting the finger print reader working.


Great... so just because some people complained about 20 dollars we are not getting integrated fingerprint reader anymore. That's really sad. I wouldn't mind paying 20 dollars and wait for it to work at some point.


Hi, any news on this? Should not be Dell giving the drivers for the VFS7552? I bought this very laptop because it was considered "linux friendly"... I had to change the motherboard twice and I still cannot use the fingerprinter reader!



I agree with everyone that it is annoying that Dell ship the XPS 13 with a finger print reader which does not have Linux support.  In my case I had to buy the machine with Windows pre-installed as I'm in Australia and Dell no longer pre-install Linux so I can't complain that they charged me for a device I can't use.

However, having just looked at the Synaptics website  I can see that as far as the finger print reader manufacturer is concerned there is only one operating system in this world and it's not Linux (or even OS X!).  I presume there are companies that make finger print readers compatible with more than just Windows and given that - in some parts of the world at least - Dell do pre-ship certain models with Linux why do they decide to fit a device which is not supported?  Just strikes me as short sighted of Dell (and Synaptics).

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