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installing OMIMSSC on wmware

Good afternoon!

I downloaded the latest version OMIMSSC  (OpenManage Integration Version 7.1 for Microsoft System Center (OMIMSSC) version

Next, I converted the vhd file to a vmdk file and started the virtual machine.

When booting a machine, I choose to load OMIMSSC_7.1.0(0-rescue-ed53dbb7ea8f4dd9baf6003440186290) 7 (Core)

Next, I set up the machine and got access via HTTPS

Next, I download and install (my version of scom 10.19.10050.0)

Next I enroll OMIMSSC to my SCOM server

And then I have a problem. After I enroll OMIMSSC, as I understand it, he had to install additional packages in SCOM. But packages are not installed.

Then I go over: Settings>Console Enrollment > I choose my server > Import MPs > Select Server, Chassis, Network Switches > Run

the next step I check the logs

Generic Logs: tells me that the task was completed successfully

on SCOM, I see in the logs how the account has joined the server and installed all the packages

But I do not see sections in SCOM monitoring:

Dell EMC Chassis Diagram Views
Dell EMC OpenManage integration Views


I ask you to tell me how to install packages so that I can configure OMIMSSC via SCOM, as well as my Dell network equipment

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Hello @Gruvz,

I would like to understand a little bit more where is the roadblock for you.


I want to share with you 2 resources for the Installation and Configuration of OMIMSSC. Please, could you point me in both resources where are you not able to continue?


First, this video Setting up OMIMSSC appliance and SCOM Console Enrollment with the appliance In this video after minute 3:12 they show how to download the OMIMSSC Configuration Management Pack and then in 3:35 how to import the management packs. Is this when you mentioned the installation of additional management packs?  In minute 5:05 they show all installed management packs.


Next resource is the installation guide here:  OpenManage Integration Version 7.0 for Microsoft System Center Installation Guide. Do you see where you are before or after the Enrolling console step?



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The Dell EMC OMIMSSC v7.1 appliance integration for MS SCOM can be deployed on Hyper-V using the .vhd file. Currently, deployment of the appliance on VMware ESXi host is not supported. 




Good Morning

Is there a possible way to get a version for ESX Server because we have Customer they have only ESX in use and we need OMIMSSC to monitor the hardware.



Hi Matsch-Hasi,

OMIMSSC for SCOM would be supported on VMware ESXi host in the upcoming release. 






When is this release planned?




@Charlez79 @Matsch-Hasi @Gruvz 

The team is working on the OMIMSSC for SCOM appliance support on VMW ESXi.
We do not have a date yet and are looking to release in the next few months.

You could get in touch with your sales team if you are looking for an early Eval.



Hi guys,

Any update on a release that is supported on ESXi?

We are 100% a VMware shop but still deploy and manage many physical Windows servers, so System Center integration is is really needed. We do not want to have to run a single Hyper-V host just for this one appliance.






Would OMIVV suit your needs? It may be that I'm not fully understanding your needs. but you might check it out.


Thanks Dylan, yes we already use OMIVV but this is really focused on ESXi managed DELL hardware, not Windows. 

We have a large fleet of Windows Server instances running on bare metal. We typically create manual task sequences in SCCM to deploy these but would rather leverage the OMIMSSC to simplify this process.

I'm sure we could probably get the appliance running on vSphere with some fiddling but would prefer if DELL provides the appliance in an OVA format for better support.



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