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A not so common error (0x80070652) in SCCM OSD Task Sequence

Throughout the years I’m sure we have all found obscure errors while deploying an operating system through SCCM OSD Task Sequences. These errors always seem to rear their ugly head from time to time for no definite. For me it’s recently been the following error while deploying at a customer’s site;

“Installation failed with error (0x80070652)

Failed to run the action: INSTALL – Program in Task Sequence.

Another installation is already in progress. Complete that installation before proceeding with this install. (Error: 80070652; Source: Windows)”.

I found that deleting the program from the Distribution Point, where the client was failing, and redistributing the program would resolve this error and allow the task sequence to complete. Unfortunately a few weeks later the error would occur again and I would be forced to repeat the above actions once more. After researching this problem and speaking with someone from Microsoft it was suggested that I add a reboot to the program installation was listed above the program that was causing this error in the SCCM TS. While adding a reboot into a task sequence is a very easy fix this felt more like a Band-Aid solution since it isn’t typically needed for the program installation.

My Solution:

Not being entirely happy with the solutions I found I decided to go another route. Since I use the MDT integration in with SCCM to deploy my images, I moved the program into the “Applications” (MDT_PACKAGES\TOOLS\Applications\INSTALL – Program in Task Sequence) folder to have the program copied locally to the machine before installation rather than have the program installed from the Distribution Point. I then changed the Task Sequence to install the program using the appropriate command line, removed the system reboot, and updated the Distribution Points one last time. Since implementing this change the error has not reoccurred.

Brett J.

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